*Background of Collection
Background of Collection
Current appearance of the old site of Chun Hsing Paper Corp.
  Government-owned enterprises,have been an important part of Taiwan’s industry. They were the corner stones in Taiwan’s economic development in the early days. Looking back on the past six decades, their influence on Taiwanese economy has been profound. Among them, Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corporation was once the largest paper maker of Taiwan. Besides newsprint paper, it also produced various types of paper for cultural and industrial purposes. Without doubt, it led the paper industry in Taiwan. In spite of the impact of global fluctuations of paper prices and economic changes, Chung Hsing Paper Corporation continued to supply paper at affordable prices and made sure the government policy of newsprint paper self-sufficiency was carried out. In the end, however, it started to turn from a profit-making enterprise into a business with increasing deficits. The government decided to privatize it. Eventually, in October 2001, it was reorganized and became Hsing Chung Paper Co., Ltd. to be operated under private ownership.

  Paper is one of an indispensable commodity in people’s daily life and paper production has been one of the most important industries in Taiwan’s economic development. Archives on the organization developments and business achievements of Chung Hsing Paper Corp. attest to Taiwan’s early paper production history as well as the uniqueness of the industry. In order to increase the public’s understanding of these archives and maximize the use of archives, the National Archives Administration adopted in 2008 the archives on Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corporation as an objective in the “Value-added Services Program of Digitalizing Archives on Taiwanese Industrial Economy” in the hope of providing valuable archives to be references for various sectors by taking into account the corporation’s role in national policies, its political and social influence, its operation and management, its manufacturing techniques and achievements, its public relations, and cooperation with other enterprises.