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Taiwan Salt Industrial Corporation (Taiyen) was listed for the National Archives Administration’s first-phase “Plans for Acquisition of Archives on Privatized Government-Owned Enterprises”. Starting in 2004, field interviews were conducted in Taiyen’s headquarters and ten other subordinate divisions. As Taiyen was a monopoly enterprise regarding salt production and sales since the Japanese Colonial period and the operations of Taiwan Salt Works (later Taiyen) including property transfer from Japanese government, reorganization, management of thousands of local salt-making workers as well as professionals and salt taxation policemen from mainland China and development of salt fields south of Changhua had a significant impact on Taiwan’s economy and social change, archives dated before its privatization on November 13, 2003 (including archives acquired by Taiwan Historica) were all included for the collection. For archives stored in the headquarters, all archives dated before 1981 were included to be transferred, while archives dated after 1981 were to be reviewed. Only archives of historic and informative values were included. Archives at the headquarters dated from 1982 to 2003 regarding company operation and archives at the Tung-Hsiao Electrodialysis Salt Factory dated from 1971 to 2001 were prioritized for transfer from January to April 2008. Length of archives is 275 meters.