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History of Salt Production in Taiwan
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 The “Salty” Taiwan
According to the sites of old salt fields and historical records, development stages of Taiwan’s salt production are as follows.
Pre-Ming Dynasty
A stela with the inscriptions made by an Yuan Dynastry official, stating the construction of salt fields in
Wuzhou, Kinmen was found in Taiwu Mountain in Kinmen.

Ming & Ching Dynasties
Chen Yong-Hua was said to teach local residents to rebuild the Laikou Salt Field and improve
the method of solar salt production during the reign of Cheng Cheng-Kung. It was the beginning
of Taiwan’s solar salt production.

Japanese Colonial Period
During World War I (1914-1918), the Japanese government had worked to reorganize exiting salt fields and
build new ones in central and southern Taiwan to meet the military and industrial demands.