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Who invented the telegraph? Most people would probably say that the American Samuel Morse was the inventor. In fact, it would be more correct to say that Morse made a variety of improvements to the telegraph system and invented the "Morse code."
1. The Birth of Morse Telegraph

The Morse telegraph system was invented by the American Samuel Morse, who had started to explore the methods of delivering texts via electricity in 1832. After many experiments, Morse developed an easy-to-operate telegraph apparatus, utilizing a system of dots and dashes to represent different letters, numbers and punctuations. The system was the well-known Morse code. A telegraph device which was able to send and receive signals within short distance was manufactured between 1837 and 1838, and was patented.

2. Summary of Taiwan's Telegraph History:

After the restoration of Taiwan, Taipei became the center of Taiwan’s telegraph operation, but the business remained small mainly due to interrupted communication with mainland China and the weak demand within the island. According to statistics recorded starting May 1946 in the Telecommunication History of Taipei, the number of domestic telegrams sent varied greatly from one year to another. The number once dropped to over 200,000 and had not reached one million until 1965. With the increasing demand for produce market information in the North and South regions as well as the for information of exports market, the number of telegrams sent rose to over two million in 1970 and to nearly three million in 1976, reaching the peak of Taiwan’s telegraph operation. The number of telegrams sent had stayed at over 2.2 million through till 1978, but he number fell to over 1.9 million the next year. The number had continued to drop in the following years despite Taiwan’s fast developments in economy, transportation and telecommunications infrastructure during the same period. The operation was ultimately suspended on September 10, 1991 and transferred to be part of the fax service.

The Birth of Morse Telegraph


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